Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NYX Round Lipsticks- (INSTOCK)

Orange Soda: The perfect nude coverage. Nuff said.

Pumpkin Pie: When we first feasted our eyes on this one we were thinking 'who named this'? course it looks alot like a pumpkin pie. Nude with a little orangy coverage. 

Sash: Who doesn't love pinkish nude say 'Aye'. Most nudes are towards the shade of your skin color but this one is just simply a 'yayy' for pink lovers =)  

Margarita: A beautiful pink with the amount of perfect pinkish intensity. We call it the PPI :) Not too intense yet it gives you the slighhhtly unnatural color that you might need to make you look like you have been on a water diet for 2 weeks!! yay
Thalia: This one reminds us of the previous B52 but this is way lighter. It has rosy pink tone in it which probably is an MLBB( my lips but betta) for some of you girls out there :)  

Doll: Crimson-ish matte pink looking and rather dolly yet a very wearable pink!! Make em lips look yummilicious!  

Ulysses: A dark nice sultry matte red to compliment especially to those whose lips already have nice dark shade. Wearable red too for those who doesn't want firetruck reds. Similar to Terra Cotta but you'll find this one slightly darker.

Orange Soda ( 1 available, 6 Sold)
Pumpkin Pie (8 Sold)
Sash (3 Sold)
Margarita (Sold)
Doll (1Sold)
Ulysses (1Sold)
Thalia ( 8 Sold)

images credit to shimmerkisser.blogspot.com and Spektra.com

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