Saturday, October 2, 2010

NYX Round Lipsticks- (SOLD)

Terra Cotta: Not of bricks and clays but of a dark brick/coral color. A very wearable red for those whose lips already have dark lip color.

img credit to vanityclinic.com
Goddess: One of our favorites!! Well, not so brown but we have to categorize =P Shimmery copperish color's just rare. Goddess indeed. We are tempted to save this one for ourselves. So if you like it, you know what to do. ;)

Summer Love: Pinky Brown. Say it 3 times and it'll become this little pinkish brown nude color. Also suitable for people with moderate or darker skin tone.

Flower: Sweet candiness pink with shimmer to compliment the natural color of your lips. (recommended for fair skin tones)

Lousiana: The most intense matte pink lippy ever! Think firetruck red's intensity, then think hot pink!

Mars: For those who wants a natural looking lip. This brownish almost nude like color will help your lips look perfectly natural yet looking beautiful.

Tea Rose: Ahh, this one is very popular and is always out of stock from the supplier. The photos explained why. Get your hands on them now while you still can =D


Flower (Sold)
Lousiana (Sold)
Mars (5 Sold)
Tea Rose (6 Sold)
Summer Love (6 Sold)
Terra Cotta (2Sold)
Goddess (2 Sold)

images credit to shimmerkisser.blogspot.com and Spektra.com

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