Monday, January 4, 2010

Nyx Round Lipsticks

Preview: NYX Round Lipsticks are the most popular and best selling product from NYX Cosmetics. The texture and consistency is superb!! What you see on the lipstick is what you get on your lips. There are currently 12 colors to choose from this site but we'll bring in more colors next time. This aren't in any shelves in Malaysia but we are fortunate enough to bring them here!! :)

Personal Review: Good consistency. Awesome color!!. Does have a little fragrant but can't smell it when applied. A little dry on the lips but perfect when topped with a little tint of gloss. LOVE IT!!

Left to Right: Vitamin, Margarita, Indian Pink

Vitamin: An orangy stick with a slight shimmer to give your lips that slight coral-ish tint when you don't want an all pink lipstick.

Margarita: A beautiful pink with the amount of perfect pinkish intensity. We call it the PPI :) Not too intense yet it gives you the slighhhtly unnatural color that you might need to make you look like you have been on a water diet for 2 weeks!! yay


img credit to  http://fafinettex3.blogspot.com/2008/10/nyx-round-lipstick-swatches-and-review.html
Indian Pink: This one is a darker pink which does reminds you of India. What is special is that it has GOLDISH shimmer to it (not glitter) which my camera fails to capture.

Left to Right: Heredes, Sunflower, Watermelon

image credit to http://forum.fashionesedaily.com
Heredes: A moderately intense matte coral red to show that your lips has some color on. Not daring enough for the reddest red yet? This one will do. Perfect for darker skin tones too!


img credit to nessasarymakeup.blogspot.com

Sunflower: "That is Gorgeous!!". That might be the first sentence you would utter when you see the actual product. Really. Shimmery pleasant and non-striking red makes your lips look sweet yet sexy.

Watermelon: Ahh..another shimmery. This one looks a tiiny bit bronzier in actual product. Looks juicy too. Would be the regular lip color when you just don't know what to put on.

Left to Right: Ceto, Goddess, B52, Cocoa

img credit to nyxcosmeticsale.blogspot.com

Ceto: You like nudy lips. Yet you don't want to look like a corpse. Just put Ceto's shimmery brownish lippies on for a little frosted look and it'll just work :)

img credit to vanityclinic.com
Goddess: One of our favorites!! Well, not so brown but we have to categorize =P Shimmery copperish color's just rare. Goddess indeed. We are tempted to save this one for ourselves. So if you like it, you know what to do. ;)


img credit to nyxcosmeticsale.blogspot.com

B52: Name derived from a cocktail.. or a USAF jet powered strategic bomber!! This matte lipstick reminds you of an old rose color. For those who loves brown yet wants a hint of a red shade. Also versatile you can wear it day or night.

Cocoa: Name's pretty self explanatory. Looks like dark chocolate mixed with a hint of strawberry red. Strawberry flavored dark chocolate!! Suitable for darker skinned tone too!

The Red Reds
Left to Right: Eros, Electra, Snow White

Eros: The brightest among the reds. Actual product is redder than photos. Its like cabaret. Bored of the regular reds? Well this one is definitely not your regular red lippy.

Electra: This is the regular red you will need if you're planning on getting the first red lips. Its soo pretty!!

image credit to frmheadtotoe.com
Snow White: If you're fair like her, this color will definitely pop out contrastingly when you're wearing it. Like red lips in the winter. Works on dark skin tones too.

Vitamin (Sold)
Margarita (1 available, 6 Sold)
Indian Pink (4 Sold)
Heredes (2 Sold)
Sunflower (2 Sold)
Watermelon (Sold)
Ceto (2 Sold)
Cocoa (Sold)
B52 (Sold)
Goddess (1, 1Sold)
Eros (Sold)
Electra (2 Sold)
Snow White (2 Sold)


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  1. Very pretty. i love Margarita and indian pink.

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